Thank Linda Ronstadt for Standing up to Mike Pompeo

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Thank Linda Ronstadt

Dear Linda: to borrow/tweak your song, "You’re SO good, you’re SO good, baby you’re SO good." 

According to Sam Greisman, a movie writer and the youngest son of Sally Field, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was having a major sad at the State Department dinner for Kennedy Center honorees. Pompeo asked when he would be "loved". That’s when Linda Ronstadt replied to his question and she pulled no punches:

"...Linda Ronstadt got up to get laurels, looked the fucker right in the eye and said “maybe when you stop enabling Donald Trump". Icon."   (source: DailyKos)

At a time when too many people lack the courage to stand up to Trump, Linda Ronstadt travels to the beat of a different drum, and that’s why it’s so easy for us to fall in love with her. Please join us and thank her! 

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