What is WomanUp?

WomanUp is an activist network of hundreds of thousands of women and allies, stepping up to fight for progressive causes and candidates. Our goal is to leverage the power of women to make progressive change.

WomanUp is a partner of LeftAction, and was launched by one of its leaders, Leigh Stringer. WomanUp partners with a range of progressive organizations and candidates, and helps match them up with activists with a demonstrated passion for their causes.  

Have an organization or cause that you would like to promote to women? Looking for ways to quickly and creatively build your base of female supporters? Please contact us.


About the Founder

Leigh Stringer is a longtime promoter of progressive change, and the founder of WomanUp. Leigh helped launch LeftAction with her husband, John Hlinko as well as ActForLove, a dating site for progressive activists.

Leigh serves on the board of Global Women for Wellbeing, a nonprofit dedicated to promoting women's health and women's leadership. She is an architect, an author of two books, The Healthy Workplace and The Green Workplace and has spoken and written extensively about the need for a greater focus on health and sustainability on the part of businesses. She is a woman-of-action and the mother of two young daughters.