Got questions? We've got answers...

Q: How is WomanUp different from other progressive organizations?

A: There are a range of great women-friendly and women-powered organizations out there, and we encourage you to check them out. What makes WomanUp a bit different is that we not only fight for causes, but act as a matchmaker, connecting women (and male allies) with progressive causes, candidates and organizations.

Many women want to make a difference, but may not have the time to research causes and candidates that match their interests and passions. We simplify the process.

Within just sixty seconds, you can take an action on WomanUp. Within a few minutes, you can take several more actions, and connect with other great organizations to deepen your involvement over time.  Think of us as the “gateway drug” for activism (in a good way).

Q: How do you decide what causes to promote?

A: We try to focus on causes that are important to women and can build traction for the WomanUp community. The larger the pool of activists, the stronger the voice. Some of our progressive partners for the causes we promote also help by sponsoring actions, which is critical for covering our costs (for technology, marketing, etc.) and for keeping this effort going and growing.

Q: What if I have a cause I want to suggest?

A: The best way to do it is to post something on the WomanUp Facebook page wall. If it gets a lot of "likes" from others, that's a sign to us that there's support, and it's something we pay serious attention to. On the other hand, if it doesn't get a lot of likes, it's probably a sign the WomanUp community isn't interested, and we don't push items that simply aren't going to gain backing or traction among our supporters.

Q: What can I do to help?

A: The biggest thing you can do is to like and share actions you take to your social media channels. If you let your friends know this is out there, and that it’s a great idea to use it, the more “say” we have in terms of numbers, and the greater the impact we can have in whatever cause we're fighting for in the future.

Q: How do you deliver petition signatures?

A: It varies, depending on the petition. Some letters to Congress are instantly sent via a connection to those members' web forms. Others are delivered publicly via Facebook or Twitter posts (i.e., aimed at targets, with posts pointing to the signature pages). This is most common, since it brings the advantage of greater attention when viewed by others. Finally, some are delivered physically. It really depends on the specific petition, and what we think will work best.

Q: I have an organization or cause that I'm seeking to build an activist base for. Does WomanUp work with organizations in this way?

A: Yes. We often work with progressive organizations in exactly this way.  For more information, please contact us

Q: Are there other women-focused organizations you'd recommend checking out? 

A: Yes! There are many fantastic organizations out there that support women candidates and progressive causes, and we'd strongly encourage you to check them out as well. Here are just a few that we follow and love (in alphabetical order):